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California Baptist College Veteran's Recognition

Christina Deninington - US Army Master Sgt

Christina Deninington

Vincent Baum - USMC Veteran


Petty Officer 2nd Class Shawn Kelly Morris Jr.

Shawn Kelly Morris Jr

This was our honoree on Saturday 12/9/17

Army Specialist 5th Class Ken Stream

Ken Stream
Ken Stream
Ken Stream
Ken Stream

Our veteran honoree this evening was Gunnery Sergeant Esther Hayes. GYSGT Hayes served in the Marine Corps for 20 years serving in Japan, the Philippines, Korea, California and Hawaii.

Thank you for your service GYSGT Hayes!

1. Honoring retired Col Vince Scarano, 93 years young, having served in WW II, Korea and Vietnam.

Thank you for your service, Col Scarano!

Col Vince Scarano

2. Our first veteran honoree, Dave Tinker, who proudly served in the U. S. Navy, and will soon become our son-in-law!

Veteran Dave Tinker

3. Honoring Lt. Col DeLucia at the CBU Lancers game on 11/15.

Lt. Col DeLucia

4. Honoring FRANKIE ESCOBAR, US COAST GUARD VET. SERVED FROM 1993 - 2007. CBU Lancers game on 11/18.


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