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BAYiQ's Shop of the Month August 2017

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Original article published by BAYiQ: "August Spotlight Shop: Bud's Tire Pros"

August Spotlight Shop:

Bud's Tire Pros

Riverside Buds Tire Pros

Founded in 1996, Bud's Tire Pros has spent the last 21 years delivering extensive auto repairs to satisfied customers throughout the Riverside and Moreno Valley, CA area. Owned by Bud Luppino, Bud's Tire Pros was founded on the premise that great customer service and products will grow their businesss.

They were selected as this month's Spotlight Shop for their continuous and meaningful customer service, positive customer feedback, contributions to local charities, and effective marketing strategies through the BAYiQ software.

For being BAYiQ's August Spotlight Shop, Bud's Tire Pros will receive a $100 Visa Giftcard as well as a plaque commemorating their stellar achievement and use of BAYiQ.

"If I could give one tip it'd be you need to connect with people. Today, you need to be connected through systems like social media or rewards programs. If you're not, you're losing them."

- Bud Luppino

The History of Bud's Tire Pros

Bud Luppino Photo

Bud Luppino, Owner and Operator of Bud's Tire Pros for Over 21 Years

Bud Luppino is an honest and hardworking man. He works out of a modest office space of 7x7 which he converted himself from what used to be a bathroom. He’s efficient and keeps everything in arm's reach only needing to swivel his chair from time to time. From where Bud’s office is situated he can hear representatives in the front lobby speaking with customers and hops in to help if there is ever a misunderstanding. With 40 years in the industry, he knows the brevity of his customers is one of the biggest factors.

After seven years of service for our country Bud exited the Air Force in 1977 to return back home. He arrived on a Monday to a happy wife and, to his dismay, several loads of laundry. Bud took the first week back slow but his wife, Claudia, had heard of an opportunity at a local tire shop. Reluctantly, he went to apply for the job. By that Friday, the same week he had returned from the military, Bud began his 40 year journey.

He built a successful career for himself moving from shop manager to working wholesale at BF Goodrich. In ‘95 there were an abundance of salesman and Bud was one of the many who were forced to move on. At a crossroads, he decided to take a risk. Thanks to working wholesale the past six years he knew of a Tire Pros account that was looking for a buyer. He gave them a call and said, “Make me an offer I can’t refuse.” A few days later, Bud opened his premier shop in Riverside, California.

Since then “Bud’s Tire Pros” has flourished. There are now three locations throughout California that are bustling with repeat customers. When asking Bud what’s his secret, it’s clear that his analytical mind is one of his strongest weapons.

“I checked zip codes every day,” Bud told me,“I still check zip codes everyday!”

One of his analytical tools that helped him to find out that 26% of his client base was coming from a different city. Knowledge that he used to open an additional shop to appeal to these customers.

When asking Bud about BAYiQ he tells me, “We’re one of the few people around here that offers a Rewards Program, it makes us stick out and keeps people coming back.”

He also uses BAYiQ’s rewards to attract large businesses in the area, accruing rewards across multiple accounts encourages them to bring all of their vehicles in to Bud’s to get serviced.

“We’ve had phenomenal success, not only with clients, but with businesses and nonprofits.”

Bud is a regular contributor to both charities and non-profits. Every year for those who use his service he starts a small account that he contributes to every time they come in to one of the shops. At the conclusion of the year he takes those earnings and donates them back to the non-profits.

“It’s a great way of paying it back,” Bud warmly explained.

The meeting concludes and I ask Bud if he could share one tip with newer shop owners, what would it be? He takes a second to think about it, but quickly and matter-of-factly responds, “If I could give one tip it'd be you need to connect with people. Today, you need to be connected through systems like social media or rewards programs. If you're not, you're losing them. "

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